Pakistan always kept Kashmir issue alive at UN (Maleeha Lodhi)

Pakistan’s permanent representatives to United Nation Dr Maleeha Lodhi on Monday said Pakistan had always kept alive the issue of Kashmir at the forum of the world body.

Despite all the hurdles created by arch rival India, the Kashmir issue had always been raised by Pakistan on the UN agenda she stated while talking to a private news channel.

Commenting on the ongoing visit of Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi to the United States, she said he had had effectively presented the case of Pakistan at the UN General Assembly session.

She said the foreign minister had met many world dignitaries on the sidelines of the UN Assembly session. He informed the leaders about the priorities of the new Pakistan government.


Maleeha Lodhi said Shah Mehmood Qureshi had brought the world attention to gross human rights violations committed by India, on the innocent Kashmiri people.
She said the UN secretary general had expressed his concern over the deteriorating human rights situation in occupied Jammu and Kashmir, besides showing keen interest in visiting India, during his interview to a newspaper.

To a question, she said that the foreign minister’s visit to the United States had been very successful.

To another question regarding Pak-US ties, she said Shah Mehmood Qureshi had also met the US Secretary of State and National Security Advisor. He had made efforts to re-engage the US with Pakistan and it was pre-mature to say about the outcome of his meetings with high US officials, she added


No expectations No disappointments


Farhan Akram.jpg
Farhan Akram

Everyone is blessed with different strengths and weakness . What takes people 1 day to do may take you 1 month to do. As a student, I know students can obtain better grades for their exams if they put in the effort. But in the long run, I know it’s wiser for students to focus on their strengths, instead of their weaknesses.

Just because you can do what someone else is doing, doesn’t mean you have to what they are doing.

Not everyone wants to climb a corporate ladder. Not everyone wants to be an entrepreneur or an artist. Some people prefer to live in a penthouse with a beautiful city view, while others prefer to live in a small cottage in a peaceful countryside.

It’s pointless to compare apples with oranges. So don’t compares yourself with other and you will have less high expectations for yourself.

1. Focus on process goals instead of outcome goals.

There are two types of goals. One which focuses on the outcome and the other focuses on the process.

If you are a writer, outcome goals would be to finish your book or your blog post by a certain date. At that date, you want to see the book or your blog post complete. It’s fine having outcome goals, but people tend to attach expectations to their outcome goals.

Process goals, on the other hand, would be like writing daily for at least an hour. They are more like habit which you develop over time. Process goals are less stressful because they aren’t based on your progress or your abilities. It’s based on your commitment. You set aside a time for writing and you write. It doesn’t matter how fast you write or how much you write. As long as you schedule a time for writing and you follow through, you reach your goals.

Having no expectations doesn’t mean you have no standards.

Some of us confuse expectations with standards. You don’t expect everyone to treat you well.You may not have any control over the outcome of your work. You don’t expect hard work would guarantee success. But you can still show up daily and do your work because it’s part of your standard.

Process goals are about standard and boundaries.When you let go of the outcome and put more of your attention on your action, you would expect less from yourself.

2. Be open to changes and possibilities.

Never be fixated on the outcome, your plan, your goals and etc. Anytime you are fixated on something or someone, expectations are bound to be there. Because you limit yourself when you can’t live without something or someone.

Plans often fail.

It’s not about having the perfect plan. It’s about reflecting and changing your actions along the way. Entrepreneurs don’t become successful because they have the perfect plan right at the start. They put their ideas out there. If it doesn’t work, they understand why and makes changes to their ideas and then execute their ideas again. It’s an iterative process.

A plan is supposed to be a plan. It’s not the real thing. When new information comes in, you are allowed to change your direction.

And a plan is made in the past.If something needs change right now, change it. Be open to the possibilities. Don’t lock yourself with some expectations you formed in the past.

3. Allow others to manage their expectations of you.

You may have no expectations for other people or situations. But other people may have expectations of you.

  • Parents expects you to be a doctor, lawyer or accountant.
  • Your partner expects you to spend time together.
  • Your children expect you to be there for all their soccer matches or dance rehearsals.
  • The society expects you to go to college, get married and have kids.
  • Your peers expect you to be at their level in terms of wealth, status and relationship.

Most of us may have gotten our expectations from someone else. We are pressured to do something because someone else wants us to do it. But most of the time, we do have a choice.

Apple CEO urges Bloomberg to retract spy chip story

Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook on Friday told an online news website that Bloomberg should retract a story that claimed Apple’s internal computer systems had been infiltrated by malicious computer chips inserted by Chinese intelligence agents.

Bloomberg said it stood by its report, published earlier this month.

“There is no truth in their story about Apple,” Cook told BuzzFeed News in an interview with the online publication. “They need to do that right thing and retract it.”

Apple confirmed the accuracy of the BuzzFeed News report to Reuters but declined to comment further.

Cook’s comments follow a denial by Apple that Bloomberg included in its story, a statement posted on Apple’s own website, and a letter to US lawmakers.

Apple declined to say whether it planned to take legal action against Bloomberg.

In response to questions from Reuters about Cook’s request for a retraction in the BuzzFeed News story on Friday, Bloomberg reiterated that it was confident of its reporting, conducted over more than a year. The news agency said that 17 sources confirmed “the manipulation of hardware and other elements of the attacks.”

Bloomberg had reported that a unit of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army infiltrated the supply chain of computer hardware maker Super Micro Computer Inc to plant malicious chips that could be used to steal corporate and government secrets.

Bloomberg said in its report that some 30 companies and multiple US government agencies were targeted by the chips, which would give Beijing secret access to internal networks.

Super Micro also has denied the report.

Azhar Ali run out story is the most funny news ever in all time Test Cricket history

Abu Dhabi:  It was a dismissal likely to feature in packages of cricket’s greatest blunders for decades to come and Azhar Ali is even bracing for sledging from his own sons after his farcical run out at Sheikh Zayed Stadium on Wednesday.

By the end of the day, Azhar could see the funny side of what happened when he and non-striker Asad Shafiq were stranded mid-pitch as Australian captain Tim Paine whipped off the bails, with the batsmen having erroneously thought Azhar had registered a boundary when he edged Peter Siddle to third man.


The ball however held up in the slow Abu Dhabi outfield, and while Azhar and Shafiq convened mid-pitch, Mitchell Starc threw the ball in to Paine to prematurely end Azhar’s innings on 64.

Not that Azhar laid any blame at the feet of the Australians.

“I don’t think it’s bad sportsmanship,” Azhar said.

Here’s the latest on when Apple will ship its wireless charger

It’s approaching a year since Apple announced that it would release its first wireless charger to go along with the first iPhones that could be wirelessly charged.

Apple said its AirPower charger would be released this year. As is typical, pundits have speculated before each Apple news event since then that the company would finally reveal the device; that has yet to happen. Some publications speculated a release this past February; others predicted March.

The Reflection of Your Actions

A man and his son were going through the forest hills. Suddenly, the boy fell down on the trail and screamed with a pain, “Aah!” Surprisingly, he heard the same voice from the mountain, “Aah!” Curiously, the boy shouted, “Who is this?” But the voice replied the same, “Who is this?” He got angry, and shouted again, “You are stupid!” And again the voice replied the same, “You are stupid!”

Annoyed By this, the boy asked his father, “Father, What is going on? Who is this?” The Father replied, “Son, Pay attention”. The father shouted, “You are very nice”. And the voice responded the same, “You are very nice!” The father again shouted, “Thank you”. And the voice again responded the same, “Thank you!” The son was very surprised but he still could not understand what was happening.

The father explained, “Son, people call it resonance, but this is the truth of the life. The life is a reflection of your actions. What you will give to others, you will receive the same in return.”

The Hero Who Was Going To Save the World

pexels-photo-171053.jpegToto was a totally normal boy, and was paddling in the sea one day when a sea urchin stung him. At that precise moment, when he was rubbing his foot, he was simultaneously attacked by an octopus, a mosquito and a parrotfish, while being whipped by the tail of a platypus and having a seagull poop on his head….

From such an unlikely confluence of events there could only emerge a new superhero, with impressive superpowers:
Superpower Ultra Man!

Such were his powers that he immediately thought he should not waste them on little things, and Superpower Ultra Man began hunting danger and threats to the world, so he could save us from the worst of the worst.

But the more he searched with his super-sight, the more he travelled the world with his hyper-velocity, and listened to the skies with his multi-frequency digital hearing, he found no one trying to conquer the galaxy or attempting to blow up the planet. He couldn’t even find some villain planning to drain the seas or plunder a mountain. It seemed as thought everyone, the good and the bad, were busy with much more mundane things, and they only had normal problems. So Superpower Ultra Man spent his days bored, exploring the skies in search of missions impossible that were deserving of a superhero of his calibre.

He got so very bored that when they offered him a television program to do, to demonstrate his abilities, he accepted, though he would only get the chance to rescue a few dozen people.

And when, finally, his moment of glory arrived, about which every superhero dreams, his demonstration turned into a complete disaster. Superpower Ultra Man was so used to thinking of things on a grand scale that he didn’t know how to grab and rescue a single person.

He did everything to the max, without controlling his strength or his speed, so the whole thing ended up as a painful mix of blows, bruises, scratches, shouts, broken bones and torn clothing. Hurt and half naked, the “saved” ended up calling the superhero everything under the sun, amid the loud laughter of the public and journalists..

It’s possible that no superhero had ever been so embarrassed. And ever since that day, any time someone refuses to do something because they consider it to be beneath themselves, everyone remembers the case of Superpower Ultra Man and says:

-“Don’t be such a Superpower Ultra Man; if you never learn how to do the little things, you’ll never know greatness.”