Shooting at New Zealand Mosques Leave 49 People Dead

At least 49 people have been killed, and 20 seriously injured, after gunmen opened fire at two mosques
in the New Zealand city of Christchurch.
“Police are currently in attendance at a property of Somerville Street, Dunedin,” the New Zealand force
said on Twitter. Dunedin is a city near the southern tip of New Zealand, around 225 miles (362 km) from Christchurch.


“This is a location of interest in relation to the serious firearms incident
in Christchurch today,” the police tweeted. “Evacuationsof properties
in the immediate area have taken place as a precaution.” Cordons are in place around the area.


New Zealand Police have issued an update on the shooting, confirming
that a 28-year-old man has been charged with murder and
will appear in the Christchurch District Court on Saturday morning. Two others remain in custody.

“There are community events planned across the country this weekend and there will be a visible Police presence
at these events for safety and reassurance,” the force also said.

Christchurch – New Zealand and Bangladesh on Friday cancelled the third Test after multiple people were killed in gun attacks on mosques in Christchurch, including one that was attended by the Bangladeshi team.

“A joint decision between NZC and the @BCBtigers has been made to cancel the Hagley Oval Test,” the New Zealand team tweeted, adding that all players and officials were safe.

players walking off

The third and final Test was scheduled to start on Saturday at Christchurch’s Hagley Oval. New Zealand won the first two games in the series.

Bangladeshi players and team staff arrived at the city’s Masjid al Noor for Friday prayers as a shooting unfolded and were warned not to go inside.

“We are shocked and appalled, as I’m sure all New Zealanders are,” NZ Cricket chief executive David White told TVNZ.

“I have spoken to my counterpart in Bangladesh and we both agree that it’s inappropriate to play cricket at this time.”

Exclusive: Galaxy S10 will be available with a ceramic back

Samsung will be pulling out all the stops for the Galaxy S10. We hear that it’s going to offer one of the models with a ceramic back in Black and White colors. Samsung is reportedly working on four different models of the Galaxy S10 – its 10th Anniversary flagship smartphone.

The SM-G970x will be the entry-level option with a 5.8-inch display and single rear camera. It may not have an in-display fingerprint sensor. In our recent exclusive about the Galaxy S10, we mentioned that it would be available in Black, White, Yellow and Green colors.

Galaxy S10 ceramic back to be offered in Black and White colors

The SM-G973 and SM-G975 will be the two premium options with 5.8-inch and 6.44-inch displays with a dual and triple rear camera, respectively. They’re the ones that will be offered with gradient colors.

Another model of the Galaxy S10 that Samsung is reportedly preparing would be an absolute beast. It will feature a 6.7-inch display, a quad rear and dual front camera with 5G support. It will certainly be the top-of-the-line model possibly 512GB of internal storage. The SM-G975FC model of the Galaxy S10 may also be the one to feature a ceramic back in Black and White colors.

Samsung will be a bit late to the ceramic party. Xiaomi has been using it on some smartphones since 2016. The Essential Phone is another device with a ceramic back. This material offers a more premium look and feel. The internationally recognized Mohs scale of mineral hardness places it slightly lower than diamond and sapphire. This means that no mineral can scratch the ceramic back except for diamond and sapphire. The microcrystal zirconium oxide ceramic material certainly befits a premium smartphone.

It’s still early days so things could change before everything is finalized. The Galaxy S10 is due to be launched in February next year. Its 5G-capable model may not arrive until March.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Birth Anniversary

The festival of Eid-Milad-un-Nabi is celebrated every year to make the birth anniversary of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W).
Pakistan is making Eid-Milad-un-Nabi today.

Calibration began with a 21-Gun salute.

On the occasion of Eid-Milad-un-Nabi,Muslims hold processions and share the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W).

“May Allah fulfils all your wishes on Eid-Milad-un-Nabi


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Linear Algebra

In that semester, i’m enjoying the class of mathematics which’s course just depend on linear algebra.Linear algebra is much different more than math.In this just need of logic more than some other rules.I have one click of that in this are two examples of rank concept is following as

linear algebra into rank.jpg
Rank in Linear Algebra.

Microsoft Overtakes Amazon As Second Most Valuable US Company

386206_805340_updates.jpgMicrosoft regained its spot as the second most valuable US company on Friday after a disappointing quarterly report from wiped $65 billion off the online retailer’s market capitalization.

Apple tops the list at over $1 trillion after crossing that threshold in September. Microsoft’s market capitalization was Wall Street’s highest in late 1998 through early 2000 before the dot-com bubble burst.

Amazon’s shares dropped 7 per cent, the most in nearly three years after its holiday season sales outlook missed targets, fanning concerns that Wall Street’s tech darlings are finally starting to face stronger competition.

Microsoft fell a more modest 1.1 per cent in a broad technology sell-off that was also driven by a weaker-than-expected report from Google-parent Alphabet, leaving the Nasdaq composite index. IXIC down 1.9 per cent late Friday afternoon.

Shares of Microsoft remain up nearly 4 per cent from Wednesday, when the four-decade-old software company beat quarterly profit expectations, driven by its cloud computing business that competes with Amazon’s.

Its stock market value on Friday stood at $823 billion, on track to close above Amazon’s for the first time since April, when it gave up its spot as second largest company by market capitalization.

Amazon was worth $805 billion on Friday, after falling below Microsoft’s in extended trade on Thursday. The drop was equivalent to the combined values of Target and Corning.

Amazon’s tumble left it up around 40 per cent year to date, while Microsoft has gained about 25 per cent in 2018. On Wednesday, Amazon’s stock traded at the equivalent of 70 times expected earnings, its lowest level since 2011.

The average analyst price target for Microsoft puts its market cap at $963 billion, while the average price target for Amazon values it at $1.068 trillion.

Apple will report quarterly results on November 1.


Pakistan always kept Kashmir issue alive at UN (Maleeha Lodhi)

Pakistan’s permanent representatives to United Nation Dr Maleeha Lodhi on Monday said Pakistan had always kept alive the issue of Kashmir at the forum of the world body.

Despite all the hurdles created by arch rival India, the Kashmir issue had always been raised by Pakistan on the UN agenda she stated while talking to a private news channel.

Commenting on the ongoing visit of Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi to the United States, she said he had had effectively presented the case of Pakistan at the UN General Assembly session.

She said the foreign minister had met many world dignitaries on the sidelines of the UN Assembly session. He informed the leaders about the priorities of the new Pakistan government.


Maleeha Lodhi said Shah Mehmood Qureshi had brought the world attention to gross human rights violations committed by India, on the innocent Kashmiri people.
She said the UN secretary general had expressed his concern over the deteriorating human rights situation in occupied Jammu and Kashmir, besides showing keen interest in visiting India, during his interview to a newspaper.

To a question, she said that the foreign minister’s visit to the United States had been very successful.

To another question regarding Pak-US ties, she said Shah Mehmood Qureshi had also met the US Secretary of State and National Security Advisor. He had made efforts to re-engage the US with Pakistan and it was pre-mature to say about the outcome of his meetings with high US officials, she added

No expectations No disappointments


Farhan Akram.jpg
Farhan Akram

Everyone is blessed with different strengths and weakness . What takes people 1 day to do may take you 1 month to do. As a student, I know students can obtain better grades for their exams if they put in the effort. But in the long run, I know it’s wiser for students to focus on their strengths, instead of their weaknesses.

Just because you can do what someone else is doing, doesn’t mean you have to what they are doing.

Not everyone wants to climb a corporate ladder. Not everyone wants to be an entrepreneur or an artist. Some people prefer to live in a penthouse with a beautiful city view, while others prefer to live in a small cottage in a peaceful countryside.

It’s pointless to compare apples with oranges. So don’t compares yourself with other and you will have less high expectations for yourself.

1. Focus on process goals instead of outcome goals.

There are two types of goals. One which focuses on the outcome and the other focuses on the process.

If you are a writer, outcome goals would be to finish your book or your blog post by a certain date. At that date, you want to see the book or your blog post complete. It’s fine having outcome goals, but people tend to attach expectations to their outcome goals.

Process goals, on the other hand, would be like writing daily for at least an hour. They are more like habit which you develop over time. Process goals are less stressful because they aren’t based on your progress or your abilities. It’s based on your commitment. You set aside a time for writing and you write. It doesn’t matter how fast you write or how much you write. As long as you schedule a time for writing and you follow through, you reach your goals.

Having no expectations doesn’t mean you have no standards.

Some of us confuse expectations with standards. You don’t expect everyone to treat you well.You may not have any control over the outcome of your work. You don’t expect hard work would guarantee success. But you can still show up daily and do your work because it’s part of your standard.

Process goals are about standard and boundaries.When you let go of the outcome and put more of your attention on your action, you would expect less from yourself.

2. Be open to changes and possibilities.

Never be fixated on the outcome, your plan, your goals and etc. Anytime you are fixated on something or someone, expectations are bound to be there. Because you limit yourself when you can’t live without something or someone.

Plans often fail.

It’s not about having the perfect plan. It’s about reflecting and changing your actions along the way. Entrepreneurs don’t become successful because they have the perfect plan right at the start. They put their ideas out there. If it doesn’t work, they understand why and makes changes to their ideas and then execute their ideas again. It’s an iterative process.

A plan is supposed to be a plan. It’s not the real thing. When new information comes in, you are allowed to change your direction.

And a plan is made in the past.If something needs change right now, change it. Be open to the possibilities. Don’t lock yourself with some expectations you formed in the past.

3. Allow others to manage their expectations of you.

You may have no expectations for other people or situations. But other people may have expectations of you.

  • Parents expects you to be a doctor, lawyer or accountant.
  • Your partner expects you to spend time together.
  • Your children expect you to be there for all their soccer matches or dance rehearsals.
  • The society expects you to go to college, get married and have kids.
  • Your peers expect you to be at their level in terms of wealth, status and relationship.

Most of us may have gotten our expectations from someone else. We are pressured to do something because someone else wants us to do it. But most of the time, we do have a choice.